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Craftsmanship - Poltrona Frau is the intelligence of hands, man's ability, tradition, and sartorial savoir faire. / Icons - Poltrona Frau is timeless icons, long time sellers, and contemporary best sellers. / Material - Poltrona Frau is strictly the finest European full grain leather. / Innovation - Poltrona Frau is research and development as a guarantee of the best quality standards. / Co-Design - Poltrona Frau is a co-design partner in the Contract and Interior in Motion Sectors. / Ergonomics - Poltrona Frau is attention and sensibility for user friendly comfort. / Sensory Qualities - Poltrona Frau is the story of emotions and luxury as perceptible qualities. / Talent - Poltrona Frau is a hallmark of the great international masters of design and architecture. / Sustainability - Poltrona Frau is the production that respects the environment and the natural resources. / Movement - Poltrona Frau is living but also travelling on land, in the sky, on tracks, across the sea.

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Italian Masterpieces - Archibald

Poltrona Frau Leathership

Let it Be design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba


To enhance the sensory pleasure of natural leather, Poltrona Frau has developed exclusive processes based on twenty different production phases, over double the number normally used in the leather for furnishing segment. The Pelle Frau® leather tanning processes are exclusively combined with chrome treatments, which guarantee greater chemical and biological stability, to preserve the softness and flexibility of the leathers. Selected and produced by the finest quality Italian tanneries, Pelle Frau® leather is only "admitted" to the production process after it has passed a series of tests in the Poltrona Frau laboratories: from sensory tests to evaluate its hand, touch, colour, appearance and choice, to physical and mechanical tests that guarantee its impermeability, breathability and resistance to rubbing and stains.


Pelle Frau® leather is divided up into six collections dedicated to the living space. Each type has distinctive qualities in terms of its hand, feel, warmth and appearance. Since 1987 the colour anthology has been entrusted to the Color System Frau®: a coordinated range of 96 colours, which are joined by the 23 Pelle Frau® Nest leather colours, the 12 Pelle Frau® Soul leather colours, the 6 variants of the Heritage collection, the 23 Saddle leather variants, the 12 Pelle Frau® Century leather colours, the 5 Cavallino leather colours, the 2 variants of the new Pelle Frau® Safari and the “Biscotto” color for the new Pelle Frau® Cuoietto. Color System Frau® includes all of the shades of the materials used in production, from down to horsehair, raffia to wood. Alongside the subsystem of natural colours, various colour "families" have been developed according to a scale of brightness that goes from white to black. This type of sensibility is common to all types of Pelle Frau® leather.

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