It happens every day. We listen. We learn. We look. We talk. We collect. And we create. Keep creating. All the time. This is our philosophy. The more we see, listen, and collect, the more we can make something that is special, that is unique. The more we see of the world from a different perspective, the more ambitious we get. And the more we come together, the more we want to leave a mark in today's world. The mark of something that is innovative, genuine, and simply great.
This is kymo. GO ON. AND CREATE.

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Home and Heroes

Home – where we come from – makes us who we are. Home can be found everywhere, yearned for everywhere, or glow like a glimmer of hope within. Home is the fountain of all feats – adventures that sometimes spawn heroes. It fuels our feelings and assists action. It’s all about heroes. The experts who turn something that’s pieced together into the fruit of finesse and skilled work, heroes who turn quality into a masterpiece, something that will become a companion for years to come. It’s all about design. Because no matter how perfect the concept, no matter how delightful something is in the eye of the beholder, design turns an object into art, an objet d’art that will become a continual source of revelation… It’s all about the small details. The things that make the difference between a straight necessity and something from the heart, between something everyday and something special. When the details are right, they conjure up a smile, time and again.

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Like the deep and soulful pulse of minimal electronic music, the kymo Floorwear® collection creates rhythmic structures that interact with their environment as 3D elements in rooms and spaces. Faithful to the culture
of remixing and sampling in music, we encourage everyone to apply their own style and create a unique piece of kymo Floorwear® – by customizing the size, shape, colour or design.

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The Lab

The Lab features very fashionable designs with a contemporary colour range. 

The Loft

Four material types provide class designs for different applications. 


Experimental is the home of remarkable design and unique floorwear.  Recognized not so infrequently with various design awards. 

class of leather

A Class of Leather turns the tradional hide into quite modern floorwear. 

wool range

The Wool Range shows several souls of natural wool inspired by Scandinavian design. 



The Atelier

What looks disorganized and perhaps even chaotic is actually the product of creative energy – the groundwork of genesis. Colours mix and merge in a maelstrom of new colours and shapes. Surfaces enter into a symbiosis of living structures, paving the way for the unimagined. The aim of kymo’s THE ATELIER is to offer perfect tools to anyone who wants to think beyond the here and now, to those seeking to sidestep rules and restrictions to work instead with possibility and those who promote possibility. THE ATELIER provides you with all the tools you need to cast your visions in Floorwear®. The outcome is then fashioned by the finest hands into products of quality and excellence.




And we take care of the details and challenging bits. Curious? As you probably are, here’s a sneak preview of what it could look like, including a couple of examples. For anyone interested in getting their mind around the full scope of the technology, allow us to give you a quick first look at our box of tricks…

You choose between our standard materials: wool, viscose, polyester, or a wool/ polyamide blend. Or we’ll work with you to create a fibre to match your specific needs. And when it comes to the pile height, we’re also as flexible as your project requires.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple wool carpet in a single colour or elaborately patterned floorwear. It’s more than just a look – when you run your hand (or foot) over the surface, you actually feel the 3D effect created by this expertly carving technique.



​What drives us:

The absolute will to create something good. Something beautiful. Something new. Something different. Something we can be proud of. We just want to do things differently – be better, unusual, interesting – in the small things and big things. So every detail counts. And doing things by hand is the key. Because you have to feel something in order to make it great. We make great carpets. And we love it! Because we do this together. As a team with everyone contributing and doing what they do best. And together, we always do things our way. We don’t look at what others are doing. Instead, we question conventional wisdom so we can apply our revolutionary new ideas. In keeping with our slogan, GO ON. AND CREATE. The greatest reward for our efforts is being able to work with people who think like us – who understand and love our work and our products as much as we do. Who also keep asking questions and rethinking our ideas and products – using them as a springboard to create something That represents what’s best for them. Because imagination, enthusiasm and creative drive know no boundaries. And that’s what we aim to convey – and foster – in our work.

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