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The tradition of Giorgetti goes back to more than 100 years ago when it started its activity in Brianza and it still forges ahead with innovation, conserving the patrimony of its experience in cabinet making. The uniqueness of Giorgetti lies in its capacity to make quality and innovation parts of its life. A Giorgetti ambient never appears as an aseptic space, devoid of personality, on the contrary it transpires elegance, sobriety and decisiveness. Its furnishing style can be immediately identified and defined as ‘the Giorgetti style’, unique and original, characterised at the source by its atypical uniqueness. These values materialise into products that dismiss the ordinary to create exclusive and versatile solutions, in the respect of a refined and unmistakable character that seduces by the beauty of its contrasts.. Thanks to the passion for detail, high intrinsic quality in terms of technology and materials, but also the quality of the design that makes every element unique of its kind, pieces free from formal conventions can be created that exist happily side by side anywhere, cancelling cultural and temporal distances.

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The cabinetmaking tradition, together with technological progress, established a heritage which is dependable and can be trusted to source and process the best materials. Giorgetti creates functional, contemporary pieces with an unmistakable style, integrating the highest artisanship with woodworking tradition, a long-time characteristic of the company, with the use of sophisticated tooling machinery and the most modern product technologies.

The innovative machinery used in producing the Giorgetti collections allows the wood to be shaped while respecting its nature, as well as guaranteeing an absolute precision in the details. Add to this the irreplaceable work of the artisans and you have Giorgetti products that possess the allure of unique handmade pieces. The final product is born from a rare and precious approach to craftsmanship; at the same time, innovation is constantly applied to the manufacturing techniques with the aim of improving the woodworking and the attention to detail


Our products are drawn from processing techniques tied to cabinet work traditions and the use of state-of-the-art technologies; this allows us to make quality products that maintain their own distinctive characteristics. Therefore, any apparent irregularities – such as differences in colour, in the structure, in the size and materials that they are made of – are not to be considered defects, rather peculiarities that make the product unique and special. 

Rigorous quality controls are made on the entire production line. During their machining the raw materials are subjected to thorough quality and performance tests at every step. The finished product undergoes an accurate performance test and an equally thorough comparison test is made with its original design.
<< Living the Giorgetti space means knowing precious materials, loving innovation and tradition, choosing a unique and personal style, knowing how to present something which tells its own story. Elegance is the summing of ‘pleasure and value’

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The Giorgetti Store in Houston is at Casa, the new megastore in Houston dedicated to high-quality furnishings. Founded by Jerry Hooker and Jacob Sudhoff, who in the Texan city have also been the driving force behind Giorgetti’s property development project, it is located in the prestigious district of River Oaks. The mall leads visitors on a journey through the leading designers, of which Giorgetti is the absolute star thanks to its prestigious location: the company's monobrand store, is positioned at the very entrance and has a series of windows onto the street, which capture the attention of passers-by, encouraging them to discover the world of Giorgetti. 


From pieces for the living room and dining area to solutions for the bedroom and kitchen, as well as collections for outdoor areas and the decorative accessories of Giorgetti Atmosphere, the Houston store presents a refined vision of interior design, which inspires designers and design enthusiasts, leading them through an authentic experience of Made in Italy artisanship.


The products manufactured by Giorgetti are a prime example of Made and Manufactured in Italy. Starting from design, creativity and style, up to the actual production, the entire production process is entirely made in Italy by highly qualified personnel having great skills in the furniture sector. Giorgetti products are functional and made of long-lasting quality materials and are made with eco-friendly efficient technologies. The Made in Italy artisan production surpasses the logic of the standard product and guarantees a high level of product customization.

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