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Timeless Products | Functional, contemporary pieces with an unmistakable style, integrating the highest artisanship and woodworking tradition with the use of the most modern product technologies.

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Poltrona Frau

A hundred years young | An international brand name representing design, elegance, and perfection of Italian made products.

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Design life around light starting from the observation | The future is in the search for the right light, no matter what is the light source. The future is in creating a culture of light and Viabizzuno is a pioneer of this culture.

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Linear and concrete designs wherein the simplicity of a concept is expressed through an exceptional level of technical competence | The aim is to continue to develop its own design culture and production technology in order to be able to offer innovative ideas, which are exclusive from an aesthetic point of view and can ensure maximum reliability over time.

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Listone Giordano

Only Listone Giordano is better than Listone Giordano | The keeper of ancient memory and skills, combining the innate gift of nature with the natural genius of man to manufacture unique wood flooring creations.

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The design is Italian, the rest is production | Exploitation of evocative rich cultural loam, with care and courteous respect for the designs and for the great masters.

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Like the deep and soulful pulse of minimal electronic music, the kymo Floorwear® collection creates rhythmic structures that interact with their environment as 3D elements in rooms and spaces.

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Working with the best of international designers and using cutting edge production technologies allows Nobili to remove the gap between imagination and reality, giving life to collections with strong style identity and advanced special technological details.

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Design meets Natural Stone. Transforming stone into discreet, understated products which nevertheless create a wow-effect.